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Brand and Corporate Indentity

Team web power, Chennai, India design team has 12+ years of experience and expertise creating brands for successful businesses across a range of industries from corporate sector, MNC companies ,chemical, polymers and hospitality and service sectors. Call us now to know more about logo design process and techniques. to develop a world-class brand to your products and services.

Here are some points to consider before choosing a designer to create your brand:

  1. How much real experience do they have?
  2. Are they making your brand scalable so that it will look just as good on the side of a building as on the side of a pen? - Complicated highlights and drop shadows won't scale nicely across these distances.
  3. How will your logo look in a one colour, photocopy or scan? Any drop shadows and excessive fades won't look good.
  4. Is your logo going to be simple in colour form? Having multiple colours in a logo might look cool on screen.. but printing 5,000 letterheads in full colour is going to cost more than 1 & 2 colour jobs.
  5. Is your logo going to be in vector format? If it's given to you in pixels you are in trouble. Vector is scalable.. Pixels are not. If your pixel based logo only fits nicely on a businesses card then that is the size it is staying!
  6. Have they used Pantone colours? If so will they provide you with a CMYK colour conversion for digital printing and RGB colour conversion for your website?
  7. What sort of market analysis and research will the designer make before creating your logo? Does the designing team has got good market and business sense?. Will their output associate you with your industry yet separate you from your competitors?
  8. Will the designer assist in future requirements?
We love to create your brand which is a exciting process. we are thrill to see the new face of your businesses for the first time as we love to see the new born baby and be confident that you can enter the market place with a powerful brand that won't let you down at any time. For existing businesses having a brand refresh is like a make over for the face of your business giving it a contemporary appearance.

Team web power , design team has many years of experience creating brands for successful businesses across a range of industries from corporate and hospitality to various industrial sectors. We are awaiting to build brand successfully.

Our Brand Development Mantra ;

Good Brands = Good Business + Eternal Happiness with Recurring profit

We can plan and build practically any form of online advertising design you may require to develop you brand and business. We will help you craft your online advertising campaigns to reach the target people effectively and efficiently.

Our service will help you to build brand identity for your products and services instantly.

Feel free to contact us (91-44-42170137 / 91-9444001705) one of our web consultant will assist you to meet your requirements efficiently.