Our Approach

Web Design and Development Methodology

We are a professional web design and development, Search engine Optimization(SE0) company in Chennai, India offering an array of custom website design, web page design, e-commerce web site design services to clients across USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and India.


During the course of Teamwebpower’s involvement in the project, it is reasonable to assume that confidential data will not be shared.
Teamwebpower respects the sensitive nature of information obtained from clients. we never reveal the information to any third parties.

Development Approach

The success or failure of any Internet initiative depends on careful planning, development, testing and refinement. To develop a world-class

development project efficiently and effectively, we use the Twp's a 6-step Project Management Process.

Step 1 : Identify Project Scope

Our Team will analysis the need and scope of the project to achieve better online branding and results.

Step 2 : Project Plan Developmen

We execute the project plan of work, priority, usability and other risk of the project to achieve the desired results of the client.

Step 3: Creative and Technical Specifications Development

Effective Creative brand strategy will be applied to elevate product life cycles. Based upon the technical specifications, the development of the User Interface (UI) and applications programming will proceed. The project schedule will be modified to contain appropriate and timely client review milestones.

Step 4: Technical Development

Based upon the technical specifications and creative design team strategy, the development process will move keep in view of the customer expectation and project lead time.

Once completed, the site will be ready for your testing. we will show preview portions of the site to clients while it is being developed. We find this approach allows clients to get a preview of how the project is progressing.

Step 5: Conduct Testing

During the development phase, designers and programmers will be continuously testing their work to ensure there are no issues materially affecting functionality. Teamwebpower also subscribes to a two-step testing strategy consisting of Alpha and Beta stages.

During the Alpha stage, the Web site will be tested in-house at Teamwebpower to ensure it meets the criteria established in the technical specification. Any problem areas will be addressed and tested again within the Alpha stage. Upon completion of the Alpha testing stage, the product will be released to both the client and Teamwebpower for Beta testing.

Step 6 : Deployment and Training

Based on the Alpha and Beta test results, Teamwebpower completes its analysis, refines it as necessary and delivers all necessary documentation to the client representative’s team. During this period, Teamwebpower trains appropriate staff in order to administer content requirements.

Once all testing has been completed, the Web Site will be successfully launched.